The impact of gender role expectations on South Asian American women: A quantitative study

August 2023
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First- and second-generation South Asian immigrant women face conflicting messages outside of their homes where they are educated within and socialized to the individualist value system of the West. Previous research has shown that the zenith of this cultural conflict is in the practice of dating and marriage, which can cause significant internal and intergenerational stress for both parents and their children. The present study measured the internal conflict experienced by women around gender role expectations and how this conflict impacted their well-being, romantic relationships, and attitudes toward sex. Our results indicated a significant negative relationship between gender role conflict and well-being and attitudes toward sex. We also found that women who were less acculturated had less conflict about gender roles and as a result, overall higher well-being. Conversely, women who had lived in the U.S. longer had higher levels of gender role conflict and lower levels of well-being.

Sociology, Individual and Family Studies, Psychology, Social, Gender Studies, Anthropology, Cultural