Bui Doi: Vietnamese Amerasian experiences in Vietnam and the United States




Olmsted, Elizabeth

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When examining the devastation of the Vietnam War, the experiences of the children of American soldiers and Vietnamese women: the Bui Doi, “children of the dust,” must be considered. Discriminated, ostracized and unwanted because of the origins of their births, Amerasians have suffered racial hatred to an unimaginable extent. In the United States and Vietnam, they have existed as a people without a country, children without a homeland and individuals without a culture.

This is an investigation into the experiences and realities of the Amerasians. By utilizing primary and secondary sources: interviews, government documents, books, articles, and periodicals, this investigation examines the nature of the United States' involvement in Vietnam, the race relations and oppression in each society, as well as the experiences of Amerasians in both countries. This investigation yields an understanding of the discrimination, oppression and dislocation suffered by Amerasians in Vietnam and the United States.



Social sciences, Minorities in America, Vietnamese history