The concerns of foster children in their foster homes

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Introduction This study aimed to explore the concerns of foster children in their foster homes. A phenomenological approach was used to explore the lived experiences of former foster children. The study utilized the concepts of developing person and the microsystem of Bronfenbrenner's bioecological model. In this study, there was one research question: What are the concerns of foster children in their foster homes? Ten former foster children participated in a semi-structured interview that occurred via Zoom; each interview was audio recorded. REV transcription services were used to transcribe the interviews verbatim. Bracketing and analyst triangulation were used to help ensure trustworthiness. The following themes emerged based on the responses provided by the former foster children: Questioning My Future With My Biological Family Microsystem; Experiencing Emotional, Behavioral, and Social Issues as a Developing Person; and Unkind Treatment Within My Foster Family and School Microsystems.

Education, Guidance and Counseling, Education, Early Childhood, Education, Social Sciences