Emergent bilinguals’ emerging identities in a dual language school




Babino, Alexandra
Stewart, Mary Amanda

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Texas Association for Bilingual Education


The purpose of this study was to explore how emergent bilinguals’ emerging identities interact with their language attitudes and choices in various contexts to create their investment in English, Spanish, and bilingualism. Using a mixed method design, the researchers analyzed surveys and social networking maps of 63 Mexican-American, bilingual fifth-graders in a one-way dual language (DL) school and then the interviews of 10 of these students. Findings indicate that students’ identities and investments show a strong correlation to their language use and language of instruction. Specifically, students’ investment in their languages suggest that we might reconsider strict language separation in DL programs while overtly attending to students’ investment in the minority language, Spanish. Most significantly, the language we use formally and informally affects students’ attitudes toward that language. Thus, greater emphasis on developing bilingual investment is an indispensable goal of DL programs.


Article originally published in Journal of Bilingual Education Research & Instruction, 17(1), 28-48. English. Published Online 2015. https://www.academia.edu/20836354/Emergent_bilinguals_emerging_identities_in_a_dual_language_school
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Bilingualism, Mixed method design, Dual language programs


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