The Neurological Differences in Development Between Preterm and Term Babies




Meisenbacher, Joshua

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Preterm birth, defined as birth before the thirty-seventh week of gestation, can place extensive stress on parents and caregivers. Outside the concern of the health of the child and mother, concerns over the developmental delays of the preterm baby can arise. This research is a review of the current literature on the neurological differences in development between preterm and term birth, as well as potential interventions to reduce the significance of developmental delays. The importance of early intervention to prevent neurological developmental delays has been well documented. It is critical that parents be informed of potential delays and intervention techniques to aid in the development of the child. Therefore this research is intended to educate on the neurological differences in development shown in preterm infants and provide information on the interventions to aid in the prevention of developmental delays. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. DiAnna Hynds)