Building and Blooming

McKeever, Keatan
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My recent work explores the relationship between humanity and nature through the use of collage, printmaking, and painting. The featured works include serigraphs depicting mirrored and abstracted buildings, ranging from skyscrapers to apartment housing which are represented as pots or vases, with blossoming flowers held inside. Elements of handpainted organic forms are also used alongside the screen-printed flowers to suggest an organic and natural energy to them in juxtaposition to the geometrical buildings. In my presentation, I explore the concepts of bio-architecture and biomimetics, which is the interpretation or copying of living nature, and the theory of Symbolic Interactionism, which investigates the social relations between people through repeated interactions. I aim to explore these concepts in my work through the idea that while buildings and structures are the architecture of humans, flowers are the architecture of nature. Therefore, there is a relationship between our own and nature’s growth and development.

Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium