Nurturing caring relationships with newcomers through five simple rules




Stewart, Mary Amanda

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National Council of Teachers of English


In my office I have a picture that reminds me the priority is the peo-ple we teach— not content, assess-ments, or compliance. The picture is of high school multilingual refugee students holding our published anthology of writing. One of these students is Camille. Surrounded by stu-dents from Southeast Asia, she is the only one from Africa. What most people notice is her clothing, a traditional African dress and head covering of bright blues and greens. However, what I notice every time I look at the picture is her eyes— they are not looking down, but are looking right at me, the picture- taker, with pride as she holds the book she coauthored.


Article originally published in English Journal, 105(3), 22-28. English. Published Online 2016.
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Refugee students, Student/teacher relationships, Literacy improvement


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