Sociability and interdependent self-construal on consumer choice for group: A moderated mediation model




Li, Zhen
Choi, Soochan
Yi-Lin Forrest, Jeffrey

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In joint consumptions, people often make consumption decisions for their respective groups, where chosen products or services are jointly shared by the members of their groups. Although the phenomena of joint consumptions appear commonly in real life, the literature of consumer behaviors has mainly focused on choices for the self instead of choices for others. This paper focuses on identifying the influence of personality on consumer choices for others. Specifically, it studies the relationship between sociability and consumption choice for a group by examining the mediation role of sensemaking process (i.e., information and feedback seeking) and the moderated mediation role of interdependent self-construal. Our results show that individuals high on sociability are more likely to engage in group-oriented consumption decision making, while obtaining social satisfaction; such effects tend to be achieved via information and feedback seeking, as a channel of sensemaking. And, the influence of sensemaking is stronger for individuals who are low in interdependent self-construal. This research contributes to the consumer-behavior literature by examining individual differences and provides practical insights for managers, decision makers and marketers.


Article originally published in Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 20(4), 942–958. English. Published Online 2021.


Sociability, Interdependent self-construal, Sense-making, Consumer choice for others, Joint consumption


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