Exploring virtual librarianship: Second Life Library 2.0




Perryman, Carol L.

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In April 2006, Alliance Library System and Online Programming for All Libraries partnered to start the Second Life Library 2.0 in the online world Second Life and in August 2006 purchased an island on the Teen grid of Teen Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world, a descendant of multiplayer online games. Educational institutions have recently been drawn into Second Life's robust economy and vibrant cultural life. The Second Life Library 2.0 works with librarians from around the world and with other educational partners such as TechSoup, WorldBridges, and the New Media Consortium. Second Life Library 2.0 provides “traditional” library services such as ready reference, book discussions, and search assistance, but, at heart, it explores what it means to be a virtual library in a virtual world.


Article originally published in Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 13(2-3), 167–195. English. Published Online 2021. https://doi.org/10.1080/10875300802103833


Second Life, Virtual worlds, Virtual libraries, Library 2.0, Online education, Online collaboration


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