Validation of the uncivil behavior in clinical nursing education (UBCNE) scale for student registered nurse anesthetists




Littles, Sabrenda

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Despite the vast research on incivility in undergraduate nursing education, little is known about incivility in the graduate clinical education of student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs). The anesthesia profession is inherently stressful due to its high risk for mortality and morbidity from unintentional error. There is no instrument to date that addresses this phenomenon. This paper describes the validation of the Uncivil Behavior in Clinical Nursing Education (UBCNE) scale to measure incivility in student registered nurse anesthetists’ clinical education. The UBCNE, a 20-item, instrument includes the three subscales of Hostile-Mean, Exclusionary Behaviors, and Dismissive. The UBCNE was initially tested in a 2014 study using a convenience sample of 118 nursing students from a large, private Midwestern university. This study is the second use of the UBCNE, tested on a convenience sample of 275 participants from regional and national nurse anesthesia organizations. The results from the UBCNE validate the tool and it provides evidence of the prevalence of incivility in SRNA clinical education.



Incivility, Nursing education, Clinical, Anesthesia, Students, CRNAs, Instruments