Writing in the secondary public schools: a shared responsibility




Thompson, Kerry Louise

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The purpose of this study is to present a detailed, researched overview of the origin, purpose, workshop training, and practical applications concerning writing across the curriculum. Procedures followed in this study included reviewing literature on the interdisciplinary nature of writing. In addition, workshop procedures and content area writing assignments were analyzed for effectiveness and practicality. Major sources of data included books, periodicals, and audiotapes. Research of major writing scholars and interdisciplinary writing specialists was examined. Writing theory and practical application were of primary interest. This study concludes that writing is a means of learning. Because of its educational value, writing can be naturally integrated throughout the secondary public school curriculum. When the principles of writing across the curriculum are practiced, the writing ability and cognitive skills of students increase. It is, therefore, the responsibility of content teachers to incorporate writing in their classrooms. Writing is a shared responsibility.