Exploring gender differences in praise and punishment of children




Do, Angel
Monsivais, Karina
Woodson, Alexandra
Pope, Ta-Taneal

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Thisstudy will investigate gender differencesin adult’s use of praise and punishment with children. A child’s behavior pattern is shaped by internalization of praise and punishment and influencing how they perceive themselves. Researchers can better educate with expanded knowledge on the relation between adults’ gender attitudes and interactions. The project will examine relationships that exist between language and gender attitudes when praise and punishment are implemented on children. Researchers will use vignettes offering participants the opportunity to praise and punish children and assess their gender attitudes. Researchers will code free responses for type of praise and punishment used as well as use the LIWC software to analyze responses for psychological content. Researchers predict participants will use more personality praise with female praise vignettes than with male praise vignettes, as well as a harsher response to the male punishment than female punishment. Researchers expect gender attitudes to predict gendered responses.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Child development, Behavior patterns, Gender schemas