The Effect of Ankle Weights on Running Mechanics: A Proposed Methodology

Nguyen, Thien
LaGreca, Ciara
Tuttle, Noelle
Avalos, Marco A.
Kwon, Young-Hoo
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Ankle weights are common exercise equipment used in walking or running training programs. However, there is a lack of research that focuses on the biomechanical effect of running with ankle weights. Therefore, this proposed methodology aims to investigate the effects of different ankle weight loads on running mechanics at a fixed cadence. The proposed methodology will recruit qualified experienced runners to participate. Retroreflective markers will be applied to participants at anatomical landmarks to record during motion. Participants will then run 13 meters, at a cadence of 160 bpm, across four force plates while maintaining proper running form for three successful trials of each of the following conditions: no weights, 2lb ankle weights, and 5lb ankle weight. Kinetic and kinematic data will be recorded and processed. The results obtained via this methodology will be helpful to determine whether ankle weights are safe to use during running training.