Pornography actors: A qualitative analysis of motivations and dislikes




Griffith, James D.
Adams, Lea T.
Hart, Christian L.
Mitchell, Sharon
Kruger, Alex
Phares, Bekah
Forbes, Randy

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North American Journal of Psychology


There is a paucity of research on individuals who perform in x-rated films because this group of actors represents a difficult-to-access population. The current study used a discovery oriented qualitative methodology to examine the responses of 105 male actors in the adult entertainment industry regarding the motivations for becoming involved in the pornography industry. The results indicated that there were nine reasons that emerged from the data with the most frequent responses being money, sex, and social interactions. The results provide insight from a large sample of actors on why they chose to become involved in the pornography industry and represent a step in better understanding the characteristics and attributes of individuals in the adult entertainment industry.


Article originally published in North American Journal of Psychology, 14(2), 245–256. English. Published online 2012.
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Adult entertainment industry, Pornography industry, Discovery oriented qualitative methodology


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