Female migrant farmworkers: The meaning of health within the culture of transience




Rodriguez, Rachel

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Hispanic, female migrant farmworkers' definition of health was described through an ethnographic study. Previous studies regarding definitions of health have routinely asked persons to rate their state of health within an undefined category. For this study, thirty-two migrant farmworker women working in the midwestern migrant stream were interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire to describe their definitions of health. Data were collected and analyzed using the logic of grounded theory to identify the central theme and document these women's definition of health. The central theme was identified as creating peace. The respondents defined health as the ability the live in peace. The study indicated that the female migrant farmworkers interviewed had a broader description of health than the traditional biomedical model used by nurses and other health care workers. This broad definition has implications for further research into the culture of transience and the development of health policies for transient populations.



Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Health care, Women workers