Applying ecofeminist theory to Christian mission work in Honduras: Building theoretical bridges for real change

Franklin, Michael Joseph
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Texas Woman's University

This thesis encourages the tens of thousands of Christian missionaries traveling yearly to Honduras to look to the ecofeminist theories of Rosemary Radford Ruether and Mary Judith Ress in order to more effectively confront the social, political, and economic hurdles preventing more Hondurans from living more empowered lives. This thesis first articulates why the colonialist patriarchy within Christianity must be abandoned in favor of unconditional love of all creation before a Christian ecofeminist mission work can be realized. Second, this thesis invites Christian ecofeminist political activism by addressing some of the international politico-economic forces at work contributing to Honduran poverty, violence, and environmental degradation. Finally, this thesis imagines the shape of long-term community empowerment programs led by Christian ecofeminist missionaries in Honduras. This thesis hopes to inspire more appropriate and effective Christian missionary practices in Honduras so that the positive energy of Christian missionaries in Honduras is fully utilized.

Philosophy, religion and theology, Social sciences, Christianity, Ecofeminism, Honduras, Mission work