Shoulder Injuries Related to Overhand Throwing




Trevino-Contreras, Analisa
Tuttle, Noelle J.

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The glenohumeral or shoulder joint has the greatest amount of mobility of all human body joints and is the primary joint employed when engaging in overhand throwing. This joint also happens to be the most unstable which often leads to injuries including tearing of tendons, dislocation, displacement of the scapula, and many more. These injuries may affect numerous types of athletes, including tennis, baseball, and volleyball players, among others. An intensive review of published literature will be completed in order to compile available information about shoulder injury rates related to overhand throwing, methods to help prevent these injuries, and exercises to aid in recovery and regaining strength following these injuries. The purpose of this project is to inform the general public of available injury statistics and the recommended methods to prevent and rebuild strength after suffering from shoulder joint injuries, all from a biomechanical perspective.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium