Graduate Research @TWU: Exploring the dissertations and theses community in the Repository@TWU




Zerangue, Amanda
Shapiro, Adrian
Spear, Sean

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The robust scholarly output of graduate students at Texas Woman's University (TWU) can be accessed by a global audience within TWU's institutional repository, the Repository@TWU. Theses and dissertations authored by TWU graduates from 2012 through the present can be fully accessed by researchers worldwide, with the exception of those under an embargo. The dual impact of this global exposure via the Repository@TWU includes an increase in the scholarly impact of TWU graduate students, as well as an opportunity to create strategic, discipline-specific research partnerships post-graduation. This poster presentation explores the topics of research found within the TWU Dissertations and Theses Community in the Repository@TWU. We hope to answer the overarching question-- what are graduate students researching at TWU? Objectives:

  1. Illustrate the themes of the research by graduates within their departments on campus 2. Create an awareness of specialized topics synthesized by TWU graduates 3. Provide an illustration of the global impact of scholarship at TWU.