The impact of switching to lower fat milk as a simple dietary modification in adolescents




Dadabhoy, Hafza

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Due to the alarming increase in obesity and type 2 diabetes among adolescents, prevention strategies are needed. This study investigated whether substituting 1% or skim milk for whole or 2% milk can lead to savings in energy and consumption of energy from fat. Adolescents with type 2 diabetes (n=75) completed three 24-hour dietary recalls. Consumption of total for energy and percentage of energy from fat from milk were obtained. Variable grams of fat for 1%, and for skim milk were created and data were reanalyzed for total energy and percentage of energy from fat with these new values. With the switch to lower fat milk, there was a significant (p<.001) decrease in calories and percent of calories from fat, and more participants met the <35% of kcals from fat dietary guideline for Americans.



Health and environmental sciences, Public Health Education, Type 2 diabetes