The Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) is an established group for library professionals in the Cross Timbers region. We welcome librarians and library staff from southeastern Kansas across Central Oklahoma to Central Texas to take part in this collaboration of ideas, best practices, and continued partnership. Our mission is to serve the Cross Timbers region through staff development, resource sharing, and innovative programming.

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Recent Submissions

  • CTLC 2020 Keynote Speaker: Tracie Walker-Reed 

    Walker-Reed, Tracie (2020)
    Tracie Walker-Reed is the recipient of the 2019 American Library Association’s “I Love My Librarian” award and has 15 years of library experience. She is the current Library Media Specialist at H. Grady Spruce High School ...
  • CTLC 2020 - Lightning Talks 

    Sewer, Carla M.; Johnson, Melissa; Williams, Isaac; Ossom-Williamson, Peace; Khan, Hammad Rauf; Mount, Jonathan; Guintivano, Jeff (2020)
    CTLC Lightning Talks
  • Collaborating on Scholarship 

    Brannon, Sian; Sassen, Catherine (2020-08)
    Scholarly research gives us insight into the future of libraries. A considerable amount of this research results from collaborative projects. However, collaborative research projects may crash and burn if not well planned. ...
  • To Meet or Not to Meet: How We Really Feel 

    Brannon, Sian; Leuzinger, Julie (2020-08)
    Meeting science is a relatively new phenomenon with empirical research and there is nothing relating to libraries in this literature. Come and find out the predictors of success for productive meetings, what academic ...
  • The Keeper App: Creating a Participatory Digital Archive 

    Zipperer, Rachael (2020-08)
    The University of North Texas is home to nearly 40,000 students, and their experiences are a critical part of the collective memory of this unique campus community. As more documentation of the student experience is created ...
  • Work-Life Balance for Librarians: Avocations Informing the Vocation 

    Whitmer, Susan; Rumohr, Suzanne; Crawford, Laurel Sammonds (2020-08)
    Come prepared to move as three active librarians demonstrate how belly dancing, bicycling, and yoga inform their librarianship and illustrate the concept of work-life balance. As an antidote to our 24/7 plugged-in culture, ...
  • When Perceptions Don’t Match the View: Reimaging Existing Collections 

    Crane, Ashley B.; Adair, Heather (2020-08)
    “I can’t find what I need.” Words every librarian dreads. What do you do when a collection isn’t serving your population as well as you thought? At Sam Houston State University (SHSU), two librarians discovered that our ...
  • Accessing and Preserving Texas Information in TRAIL 

    Sare, Laura; Rohrig, Tom (2020-08)
    There is an open resource that all library types in Texas can access. TRAIL – the Technical Report Archive & Image Library - contains over 300 items about Texas. These range from biological surveys to water, to mineral ...
  • Pedagogy for Practical Library Instruction – An Online Program 

    Roy, Meranda M. (2020-08)
    While many librarians find themselves with teaching responsibilities, few have received sound pedagogical training. This leaves many librarians to learn on the fly or through trial and error when in the classroom. Although ...
  • Project Management and Research: Enabling Successful Partnerships and Projects 

    Khan, Hammad Rauf; Williams, Isaac; Ossom-Williamson, Peace (2020-08)
  • Facilitating Teamwork 

    Lobley, Marla (2020-08)
    Marla Lobley will share the team building efforts that have been successful at Linscheid Library at East Central University. The library has 1 director, 5 librarians, 7 full time staff and 20+ students. Due to the ...
  • Supporting STEM Learning in Public Libraries with Academic Library Collaborations 

    Jones, Jessica (2020-08)
    The Bryan+College Station Public Library System and Texas A&M University formed a partnership in 2019 through the University’s Academy for Future Faculty (AFF) and Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) to bring STEM ...
  • 2020 Conference Program and Schedule 

    CTLC Conference Planning Committee (2020)
    2020 CTLC Conference Program
  • It’s Elementary! Using Children’s Television to Teach Information Literacy 

    Crane, Ashley B. (2020)
    Getting learners to recognize, develop, and practice the knowledge and skills they need to be information literate is hard. What if we exposed learners to those concepts at their most basic level? In this session, learn ...
  • CTLC 2020 - Poster Presentations 

    Unknown author (2020)
    CTLC 2020 - Virtual poster presentations
  • Remote Reference: A Practitioner’s Guide 

    Graff, Rebecca; Heuer, Megan; Jenkins, Sarah (2020)
    In recent years, the approaches to providing reference help have changed, and practitioners must learn and hone skills to keep up. While we used to respond to questions in-person and over the phone, we now add chat, ...
  • Building More Diverse Collections for Younger Readers 

    Bliss, Joanna Russell; McMichael, Jonathan (2020)
    Research has shown that children exposed to diverse books, especially those that have cross-racial groups, have better acceptance of children of other ethnicities as compared to those not exposed to diverse books. This ...
  • Copyright & the Preservation of Video Collections in Libraries 

    Dewitt-Miller, Erin; Guerrero, Steven; Duke, Lindsay (2020)
    This session will include an overview of Section 108(c) of the Copyright Act which addresses preservation of audiovisual material in library collections. It will also provide an introduction to the Academic Libraries Video ...
  • Diving in, flipping a Workshop from In-person to Virtual, fast! 

    DeZouche, Elizabeth; Villareal, Cindy (2020)
    Before COVID-19 came to the United States, the Texas A&M International University’s (TAMIU) Sue & Radcliffe Killam Library had planned on having an in-person RefWorks Workshop for the TAMIU community. The workshop was ...
  • Managing Expectations: ORCID registration/Scopus findings of UT Southwestern Learners 

    Scott, Jane (2020-08)
    Using and Collecting ORCiD IDs can provide numerous benefits for academic and research institutions. Providing ORCiDs to participating organizations can provide value for combating disambiguation in databases. ORCID in ...

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