A response-based approach to teaching literature: a focus on eighth grade




Bell, Melody Jane

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The purpose of this study is to present a researched overview of the origin, purpose, and practical applications of a response-based approach to teaching literature, with a focus on the eighth grade.

Procedures followed in this study included reviewing literature on a response-based approach to teaching literature. In addition, teaching methods and curriculum development were tested on students and analyzed for effectiveness and practicality.

Major sources of data included books, periodicals, and curriculum guides. Research of major literature scholars and literature instructors was examined. Response-based literature theory and practical application were of primary interest.

This study concludes that a response-based approach to the teaching of literature is far more effective than the traditional approach. When a response-based approach is used, students learn to think on their own rather than parrot teachers' thoughts and ideas.



Language arts, Secondary education, Education