The simulation and re-creation of real-time events in non-fiction writing: The Coral Watts story




Carstarphen, Meta Gail

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The purpose of this study is to examine, through the writing of a partial manuscript, the problem of relating a sequence of non-fiction events in a fictional format that re-creates the context of time in which they occurred with accuracy and authenticity.

Procedures followed in this study included reviewing current literary criticism on the role of time in fiction as well as non-fiction narratives, analyzing techniques used for applying these theories in the works of three well-known writers, and experimental creative writing by this author.

Major sources of data used included three best-seller true-life crime novels, or fictional adaptations of non-fictional events, as representative works of the genre. These were examined, along with comments from their authors with respect to their use of time as a format and main factor in composing these individual narratives.

This study concludes that an author's ability to define the time elements of the narrative creatively is a critical element which helps mold together the plethora of factual details that compose this type of work.



Literature, Linguistics, Journalism, Language, literature, and linguistics