The effects of weight loss on plasma cholesterol and lipoproteins among female participants in a residential wellness program




Teague, Sydney L.

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This retrospective study investigated the relationships among adiposity, cardiovascular fitness, age, initial cholesterol and lipoprotein levels, menopausal status, weight loss, and changes in cholesterol and lipoprotein levels in adult female participants (n = 56) who attended a 13-day residential program. Matched t tests revealed significant (p = .05) mean decreases from pretest to posttest in total plasma cholesterol (TPC), low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and weight. Point-biserial correlations showed no statistically significant correlations between menopausal status and changes in TPC, HDL, and/or LDL levels, but the relationship between cardiovascular fitness and decreases in weight was significant (p = .05). Pearson product moment correlations indicated a statistically significant (p = .05) relationship between weight loss and changes in TPC. Pearson correlations found statistically significant (p = .05) correlations between adiposity (measured as body fat percentage) and weight loss and between age and changes in TPC and LDL levels. Finally, Pearson correlations found significant (p = .05) relationships between initial TPC levels and decreases in TPC; between initial HDL levels and decreases in HDL; and between initial LDL levels and decreases in TPC and LDL. For the Pearson correlations, the greater the initial levels of these components, the greater their decrease from pretest to posttest.



Health and environmental science, Social sciences