The value of music education to school administrators: Quality music programs as avenues for reaching campus goals

Preston, Matthew
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The purpose of this study was to determine the role of elementary campus music programs in administrators' attainment of school goals. Standardized test data were used to determine the effect of involvement in a particular high quality extracurricular choir program on changes in student academic achievement in reading and mathematics. Student behavior data were collected from teachers and parents to assess the effect of choir participation on changes in student well-being. The study also investigated the knowledge and perspectives of school principals regarding the benefits of choral programs. Analysis of student data revealed that although a direct relationship does not exist between elementary choir involvement and increased student academic performance, such involvement does promote gains in student social, personal, and musical behaviors. Results suggest that music education programs can be of great use to school administrators in achieving their many goals for students and overall campus achievement.

Education, Higher education administration, Music education, Elementary education