Resolving infertility: An exploratory study of the experiences of African American couples




Griffin, Leslie

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The purpose of this study was to explore the lived experiences of African American couples who have resolved their infertility. Using the Family Stress Model as a theoretical framework, the researcher examined the stress of infertility as experienced by nine African American couples. The researcher also examined the perception of the couples regarding what they had experienced and the resources they utilized to help them reach a resolution. Finally, the researcher explored the meaning the couples applied to their experience at the time it occurred as well as the current meaning applied to what they experienced.

Semi-structured interviews were conducted in the participants' homes. All nine interviews were audio-taped and transcribed verbatim. Each couple was asked to answer one introductory question and seven interview questions. Seven major themes emerged from the data. They included (a) taking conception for granted, (b) thoughts of inadequacy, (c) emotional highs and lows, (d) spiritual highs and lows, (e) spousal empathy, (f) thank goodness for supportive family and friends and, (g) pain with a purpose. Limitations, implications and recommendations were included.



Social sciences, African-American, Couples, Family stress, Infertility