Comparison of the attitudes between undergraduate physical education students in Saudi Arabia and the United States toward teaching students with disabilities




Alsalhe, Tariq

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The purpose of this study was to: (a) compare between the attitudes of undergraduate physical education students in Saudi Arabia (n = 98) and the United States (n = 96) toward teaching students with a physical disability, autism, an intellectual disability, and emotional/behavior disorders, and (b) determine the influence factors of religion, culture, educational setting, and experience on the attitudes of undergraduate physical education students toward teaching students with disabilities. Data were collected through the administration of Physical Educators' Attitude toward Teaching the Disabilities-III (PEATID-III) (Folsom-Meek & Rizzo, 2002). The statements in this questionnaire were computed in three areas which were: teaching, student learning, and academic preparation. Repeated Measure ANOVA and Independent Sample t -tests were used in this study. Based on the results of the analyses, participants from the United States had more positive attitudes toward teaching students with specific disabilities than Saudi Arabian participants, while Saudi Arabian participants considered experience as a more important factor related to the influence of physical educators' attitudes toward students with disabilities compared to the participants from the United States. It was concluded that the results of this study may help the faculty in physical education teacher preparation to develop appropriate preservice curriculum related to attitudinal development.



Physical Education, Special Education, Health Education, Students with disabilities