Career ladder attitudes of bench medical technologists

Arocha, Doramarie
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The purpose of the study was to determine the attitudes before and after a career ladder intervention module of bench medical technologists in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, as measured by a Cantu Career Ladder Attitude Inventory. A sample of convenience with 62 subjects was utilized in this study. A group of medical technologists were given a career ladder attitude inventory pretest survey. After completion of the survey, an oral presentation on the concept of career ladders was presented and details of the career ladder plan was opened for discussion. Examples of career ladders were introduced and a model plan describing a career ladder for medical technology was distributed. One week later, the group received a career ladder attitude inventory posttest survey with the same instructions. Analysis of the data revealed that for the pretest survey a mean of 69.06 was obtained. After the career ladder oral presentation, the posttest scores increased to a mean of 74.85. The results showed that there was a significant favorable change in attitudes toward career ladders at a p 0.05 significance level.

Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Career ladder attitude inventory