"Dichos de Salud"- Spanish Mantras to Promote Weight Loss Among Hispanic Men: A Pilot Study

Miranda, Antonio
Warren, Cynthia
Sanchez, Claudia
Miketinas, Derek
Tucker, Wesley
Garcia, David
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Significant health disparities exist for the Hispanic male population in the areas of obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D). The most recent data reveal that Hispanics have the highest rate (78.4%) of overweight and obesity compared to the non-Hispanic white (68.5%) and black (76.3%) populations. Similarly, the prevalence of diabetes among Hispanics (17.9%) exceeds all other ethnic groups including non-Hispanic white (10.0%), Asian (16.0%), and black (16.8%). Worsened diabetes outcomes, including increased mortality, necessitate the investigation of effective culturally tailored weight loss programs for Hispanic men. Research among Hispanics reveals the inherent function of figurative language devices, such as dichos, in individual expression and cultural norm transmission. Thus, educators may use dichos as topics of discussion to reframe and promote health beliefs. To our knowledge, the proposed study "Dichos de Salud" (Dichos for Health) outlines the first ethno-linguistically tailored weight loss intervention for Hispanic men.

Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium