The development and testing of the questionnaire for the BE FREE program

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Women 40 to 65 years of age experience many life changes including menopausal transition. The BE FREE™ program aims improve overall wellness and enhance quality of life for women in this group. PURPOSE: To test and validate a questionnaire for the BE FREE™ program. METHODS: Two rounds of expert panel testing were conducted to create a 36-question BE FREE™ questionnaire. A target population of women 40 to 65 years old were asked for feedback in a pilot round. The final 36-question questionnaire was administered to the target population for analysis. RESULTS: The questionnaire produced an alpha value of 0.41, and error variance of 0.83. Subscale alpha values included behavior (0.58), environment (-0.54), food (-0.39), rest (-0.52), exercise (0.25), and emotional health (0.05). CONCLUSION: The questionnaire needs to display highly correlated items with higher Cronbach alpha scores to represent reliability with lower error of variance to be considered reliable and valid.

BE FREE, Menopause, Women, Wellness, Food, Exercise, Rest, Environment, Behavior, Emotional health