A descriptive study on internalized homophobia in lesbians and its impact on the family: An ecological review




Kteily, Audrey

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This study surveyed 62 self identified lesbians over the age of 18 regarding internalized homophobia in an anonymous online format. With the author's permission, the Lesbian Internalized Homophobia Scale (LIHS) was utilized. The LIHS contains 52 items categorized into 5 subscales: Connection with Lesbian Community (CLC), Public Identification as a Lesbian (PIL), Personal Feelings about being a Lesbian (PFL), Moral and Religious Attitudes about being a Lesbian (MRATL), and Attitudes Towards Other Lesbians (ATOL). This study added 7 demographic questions and one open ended question asking how the participants defined family. The main research question was: Is there a correlation between internalized homophobia and definition of family? Using ANOVA and correlative statistics for analysis, results showed no correlation on any subscale to support a relationship between level of internalized homophobia and definition of family. Implications for future research therefore point to application to public policy.



Social sciences, Ecological, Family, Heterosexism, Homophobia, Internalized, Lesbian