Digital games as interactive narrative and their eversion: The advent of future narrative

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In the field of studying digital mediums (hypertext, social media, digital games, electronic literature, et cetera), digital games’ narrativity is lively being discussed by ludologists and narratologists, focusing on whether digital games have certain narrative or not. Ludologists mainly argue that digital games do not have a certain narrative structure. However, narratologists insist digital games are a new medium to convey narrative. To the narratologists, digital games’ unique narrative structure is named interactive narrative. Interactive narrative is different from traditional narrative’s linear time structure in that interactive narrative has non-linearity and conveys storytelling through players’ intentions and interactions with digital games’ various elements. Also, through digital devices’ technological and graphical developments, interactive narrative faces a great transformation, which is called eversion. In the age of eversion, digital games’ cyberspaces and reality colonize each other, and players’ body actions are directly altered to virtual actions in digital games. Thus, players can directly manipulate digital games’ narrative. This transformation of the interactive narrative is called everted narrative.

Digital narrative, Interactive narrative, Digital games, Video games, Narratology, Ludology, Eversion, Skyrim, Role-playing games