The Vietnamese translation of the attitudes towards seeking professional psychological help scale (ATSPPH): A psychometric study



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The current researcher developed a Vietnamese translation of the Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help Scale (ATSPPH; Fischer & Turner, 1970) and examined its psychometric properties. The ATSPPH was translated and back-translated, then administered in both face to face and online formats to Vietnamese speaking participants. The study sample consisted of 255 Vietnamese American participants. The factor structure of the ATSPPH - Vietnamese version (ATSPPH-VV) was examined through an exploratory factor analysis and principal axis factoring. Study results revealed a one-factor solution for the ATSPPH-VV that consisted of 17-items and provided a psychometrically sound assessment of Vietnamese Americans and their help-seeking attitudes. In this sample, Vietnamese American individuals with past mental health treatment did not score significantly higher on the ATSPPH-VV than Vietnamese American individuals without any prior mental health treatment. The findings of this study may guide culturally appropriate modifications of other existing instruments and provide insight for clinical practice. Further implications for research and training are discussed.



Help-seeking attitudes, Psychological help, Asian American, Vietnamese, ATSPPH, Mental health, Psychometric, Assessment