Use and rationale for taking nutritional supplements among collegiate athletes at risk for nutrient deficiencies

Kiertscher, Elizabeth
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This study examined aspects of collegiate athletes' eating habits, weight, and nutritional supplement use. The purpose of this study was to determine if athletes who were at risk for nutritional deficiencies use nutritional supplements and if their concerns about positive drug tests discouraged their use of nutritional supplements. One hundred and thirty four athletes answered a questionnaire developed by the researcher for this study through Psychdata. In this study 49 athletes were considered at risk for nutrient deficiencies. More athletes (53%) at risk for nutrient deficiencies took nutritional supplements than those not at risk (33%). Among those at risk, more athletes (69%) who were not concerned about nutritional supplements causing a positive drug test took supplements than those who were concerned (38%). Athletes need to be educated about reliable sources of information, dosing, and safety of supplements. Athletes also need to be informed of the consequences of taking unsafe supplements.

Nutrition, Kinesiology, Health and environmental sciences