DIY food: home food production and its contribution to food justice

Lundahl, Audrey
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My dissertation, “DIY Food: Home Food Production and Its Contribution to Food Justice,” explores home food production as a means to raising food consciousness. Using textual analysis, I investigated the blogs of home food producers. Ecowomanist/new materialist theories frame my evaluation of home food production’s overall contribution to food justice movements. I argue that producing food at home is a type of spiritual activism, in which the gardeners develop a food consciousness that allows them to consider daily the spiritual interconnections between communities around the world that include the environment. My work contributes to the field of Women’s Studies through the spiritualization of food practices, using a spiritual activist lens influenced by womanist theory. Although food injustice has been a major concern for social justice scholarship, my work pushes the definition of food justice activism by theorizing a spiritualized food practice.

Women studies, Environmental justice, Gender studies, Social sciences