Implicit Bias: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Awareness Among Dental Hygiene Educators




Jones, Lurtina
Zavala, Ana
Calvillo, Elisabet
Rebollero, Crystal
Cowen, Brandy

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Medicine and medical schools have conducted the most research assessing implicit bias and found a positive relationship related to implicit bias affecting level of patient care and diversity of student admissions.2,6,7,8 The purpose of this research project is to assess the current knowledge, attitudes, and interests of implicit bias among dental hygiene educators. A 40 question confidential survey was developed and will be approved by Texas Woman’s University’s Institutional Review Board. A PsychData online survey will be sent to all dental hygiene schools in Texas in the spring 2021. A second online survey will be sent to non-respondents. Data will be analyzed using SPSS. Results from the survey will be used in future research efforts to assess other states in the U.S. and continue to explore and mitigate the impact of implicit bias on admissions, grading, student retention, and overall faculty-student relationships in dental and allied dental education.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium