Scholarly publication by women adapted physical activity professionals

Buswell, Deborah
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The purpose of this investigation was to examine perspectives of women adapted physical activity professionals with doctoral degrees concerning experiences and variables that affect scholarly writing and publication. In-depth interviews were conducted with 13 highly productive women in adapted physical activity. Data were analyzed utilizing constant comparison methodology, and contextual variables and the experiences that facilitated or mitigated against writing were identified and examined inductively. Three categories of contextual variables had strong influences on scholarly writing: work settings, relationships with colleagues and students, and home settings. Personal variables that interacted with contextual variables and impacted on writing were age, number of years teaching, tenure, academic rank, type of institution, relationship status, sex discrimination, and gender stereotypes. These personal variables influenced scholarly writing, but not in clearly defined ways. The most influential personal variables appeared to be relationship status and type of institution. Affective domain qualities that also impacted on writing were inner drive, self-determination, confidence, passion, and creativity. Women adapted physical activity professionals who are high scholarly producers have different perspectives about scholarly writing and publication. High producers share similar affective domain qualities (i.e., internal motivation, self-determination, confidence). High producers also share similar facilitating factors (i.e., support from institution, support from home, access to models or mentors), and the ability to use a variety of strategies to overcome barriers to writing. The differences in perspectives appeared to be more in the degree of perceived support and in the type of strategies used to-overcome barriers.

Social sciences, Education, Adapted physical activity professionals, Scholarly publication, Women professionals