A correlation of music aptitude and language reading




Witkowski, Barbara Layton

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The purpose of this study was to investigate possible relationships between music aptitude and language reading. Two standardized tests were administered to second-grade children: Primary Measures of Music Audiation and California Achievement Test. Two schools, public and private, were used in the population. High and low second-grade groups showed a significant correlation with reading scores at .01 level when scores were rank ordered according to music aptitude. The variable which showed the greatest predictive ability with music aptitude, at .OS level, was comprehension. There was no significant difference between girls' and boys' performance on music aptitude tests. Girls in private school had the highest mean reading total. Students of private school had a significantly higher mean reading total than students of public school. Results of this research contain implications for further study with a broader sample, treatment effect, and a more precise instrument to measure reading achievement.



Music aptitude tests, Pattern ability, Melodic language pattern facility