Sense and Abilities - Trilingual Sensory Processing Curriculum for Adaptive Rock-Climbing Volunteers




Camacho, Renita OTS

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Sensory Integration (SI) and Sensory Processing (SP) recognize that various sources of information from the outside world and from within the body must be used to provide the opportunity for a coherent and adaptive behavioral response (Sensory processing: Sensory integration, 2023) Since children depend on their environment to help them interpret their senses as they develop, SI/SP is a critical area for children to focus on. This paper aims to present evidence of the effects of implementing a sensory processing education program with adaptive rock-climbing volunteers at United Rocks. The capstone project involved creating a sensory processing guide for volunteers at Movement Plano, including laminated copies with carabiner clips, purchasing materials for the guide, and translating it into different languages, to promote sensory inclusivity through education and learn valuable lessons about program development and leadership in unconventional settings like rock-climbing gyms. The paper discusses the importance of sensory processing and integration in children's development, focusing on a program implemented with adaptive rock-climbing volunteers at United Rocks. The program included a sensory processing curriculum, a strategies guide, and weekly emails to educate volunteers on sensory patterns and strategies. The post-test results showed increased knowledge and confidence among participants, suggesting the program's effectiveness. Future recommendations include creating additional resources for United Rock's website and extending the program to climbers.



Sensory Processing, Children, Rock-Climbing, Sensory Integration Therapy, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Based Intervention, Pediatrics, Autism, Adaptive Sport