An examination of lesbian healthcare professionals attitudes on being out and its effects on self-esteem and job satisfaction




Morris, Laura N.

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The purpose of this study was to examine lesbian healthcare professionals in regards to being out to coworkers and patients, and the effect this may have on self-esteem and job satisfaction. The coming out process is something that most lesbians deal with on a regular basis in daily life. This study examined whether choosing to come out to coworkers and patients had an effect on self-esteem and job satisfaction. For the two components of the survey, the Rosenberg Self – Esteem Survey and the Spector Job Satisfaction Survey were used. In addition, there were several short answer questions dealing with coming out to the different relationship categories. Through email invitations, lesbian members of the Gay and Lesbian Association of choruses across the United States were invited to participate. A total of 81 participants completed all or part of the survey. Six null hypotheses were examined using SPSS statistical software.


Dual degree in Health Studies and Library Science


Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Education, Womens studies, School counseling, Gender studies, Health care management