Intervention in long-term care: An interdisciplinary collaborative model abstract

Hersch, Gayle
Birch-Evans, Anlee
Davidson, H.A.
Freysteinson, Wyona
Tsai, Kai-Li
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Oxford University Press

Through this presentation, the team will introduce the audience to the occupation-based, cultural heritage intervention (OBCHI). The uniqueness of this research lies in the successful implementation of an interdisciplinary approach to research including the disciplines of nursing, occupational therapy, and health care administration from Texas Woman’s University, Houston Center. The three major objectives include: 1) report on current findings from a NIH funded OBCHI research study that was developed and implemented for elders relocated to long-term care (LTC) facilities; 2) describe the interdisciplinary approach used in developing and implementing the study; 3) explain a collaborative model that has been utilized in planning future studies. During the presentation the team will highlight the significant findings of improvement in quality of life and social connections from the quasi-experimental nonequivalent control group design demonstrated by pre- and post- tests scores; showcase the perspectives from each of the three disciplines of their contributions to this research; and offer projections for future research studies that describe the cost effectiveness of such interventions by incorporating the OBCHI into current residential staff patterns. This kind of evidence-based knowledge can assist long-term care practitioners in developing more meaningful interventions for elders that provide a person-centered approach during the transition of care.

Abstract originally published in The Gerontologist, 53(S1), p. 79. English. Published online 2013.
Cultural heritage intervention, Evidence-based knowledge, Person-centered approach
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