Cross-cultural encounters: A phenomenological study of cross-cultural experiences of Texas music therapists



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This phenomenological study explored the experiences of music therapists in the state of Texas with clients from different cultural backgrounds, namely different racial/ethnic backgrounds. Five music therapists participated in the study, all of whom had at least five years of practicing music therapy and had experience with cross-cultural clinical relationships that were racially/ethnically different from them. I invited the music therapists to share their cross-cultural experiences through semi-structured interviews. Four composite themes emerged through a phenomenological research method influenced by Grocke (1999) and Van Manen (1990; 2016). These themes centered around essential aspects of cross-cultural competency, practices and mindsets that improve cross-cultural relationships, emotional experiences related to multiculturalism, and challenging experiences related to multiculturalism. Further research is needed exploring the relationship between curiosity and multiculturalism and the relationship between a music therapist's emotions and their approach to multiculturalism.



Music therapy, Multiculturalism, Multicultural, Cross-cultural, Phenomenology, Phenomenological, Texas