Civil War summer reading - A Texas tall tale




Zander, Cecily Nelson

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Emerging Civil War


Down here in Dallas, Texas we have forgotten what double digits temperatures feel like. Owing to the fact that the forecast has been and will continue to be in excess of 100 degrees for the foreseeable future, my border collie Moe and I have been spending our time indoors — watching golf, playing Zelda, and revisiting some old favorite books — including John W. Thomason, Jr.’s Lone Star Preacher. Originally published in 1941 by Charles Scribner’s Sons, Lone Star Preacher compiles several short stories about the Methodist preacher and sometime Confederate Soldier Praxiteles Swan, captain of the 5th Texas Regiment, Confederate States Provisional Army.



James Longstreet, JEB Stuart, John W. Thomason Jr., Novels, Thomas J. Goree


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