Telephone Calls and Text Messaging Reminders Utilized as Follow-up Methods in Newly Diagnosed Diabetics and Their Possible Effect on Patient Outcomes




Miralrio Casas, Guadalupe

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Diabetes mellitus is a major health issue affecting millions of people worldwide. As more people are newly diagnosed, their chances for developing serious health complications are increased. Therefore, it is necessary for newly diagnosed diabetic patients to become knowledgeable about their condition. Hospital units can assist these patients after discharge through a follow-up program that utilizes telephone calls and/or text messaging to send health reminders, in which a short amount of information related to diabetes is delivered over a period of time. This project explores how telephone calls and text messages utilized as a follow-up method can positively affect diabetic patient outcomes. Key words: Diabetics, follow-up, telephone calls, text messaging reminders


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium


Diabetics, Follow-up, Telephone calls, Text messaging reminders