Foot orthoses and the effects on athletic performance: A literature review

Ondari, Whitney
Avalos, Marco
Tuttle, Noelle
Young-Hoo, Kwon
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Athletes in sports such as cross country, track, basketball, soccer etc. benefit greatly in their performance when having appropriate gait mannerisms. These mannerisms can be achieved through the use of a supportive shoe that can allow proper foot and ankle alignment. Foot orthoses have been known for providing proper alignment, therefore improving gait patterns, for those experiencing issues such as pronation, supination, and flat feet that cannot be corrected with shoes alone. A complete review of the published literature will be constructed and compile available data related to the use of orthotics in improving athletic performance. This review will include a search for orthotics related to athletic performance in a variety of sports. The purpose of this review is to increase awareness of how foot orthoses can enhance an athlete’s overall performance. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Young‐Hoo Kwon)

Creative Arts and Research Symposium