Perceptions of Chronic Stroke Survivors on Arm Recovery Following High-Dose, High-Intensity Therapy: Preliminary Qualitative Data




Zapata, Ashley

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This capstone project underscores the significance of intensive and high-dose therapy in improving arm function and quality of life among chronic stroke survivors participating in the SUPER study. The primary goal of the SUPER study was to investigate the potential of high-quality, high-intensity, and high-dose therapy in reducing disability, enhancing arm function, and enhancing overall quality of life for stroke survivors. The aim of this capstone project was to gather firsthand perspectives from participants engaged in the SUPER study, with the aim of assessing its relevance for future initiatives. Through tailored interventions and personalized care, the SUPER program aims to empower individuals as they strive to regain functional independence and mobility following a stroke.



Stroke, Rehabilitation, Occupational therapy, High-intensive therapy, High-dose therapy, Stroke survivors, Chronic stroke survivors, Intensive therapy, Quality of life, Fugl-Meyer, ARAT