Sound reducing headphone on attention of a student with auditory defensiveness—a pilot study




Rowe, Carolyn

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The purpose of the study was to investigate the efficacy of increasing attention to task when using sound reducing headphones with a student identified with auditory defensiveness.

An A-B-B-A single subject experimental design was employed for ten sessions using duration of attention to task as an index of behavior. Auditory defensiveness was identified through rated scores in the definite difference range on auditory sections of the Sensory Profile and the Sensory Profile School Companion. Classroom ambient sound measures during the study showed sound levels at or above recommended levels for an occupied classroom. Visual analysis of data was completed by graphing baseline and intervention phases of task attention during intervention phases compared to baseline phases.

Use of sound reducing headphones for this student with auditory defensiveness was effective in increasing on task attention.



Health and environmental sciences, Education, Physical therapy, Special education, Secondary education, Educational technology