Making a life in a nursing home

Brandburg, Gloria L.
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Moving into a nursing home can be a monumental transition for older adults. Researchers report that many have difficulty adapting to this new environment. There are few research studies on the actual processes used by older adults to adapt to living in a nursing home. This grounded theory study yielded 30 in-depth interviews conducted with a sample of 21 participants. In contrast to earlier studies, the researcher found that adaptation is a dynamic process that continues as long as the person lives in the nursing home. The researcher proposes that residents who acknowledge their need for nursing home life and institutions that competently meet resident needs provide the best situation for adaptation. Numerous facilitators were identified that contribute to the process of adaptation. A theory of nursing home adaptation that explains the process of becoming and being a nursing home resident was developed.

Health and environmental sciences, Social sciences, Adaptation, Adjustment, Geriatric, Long-term care, Nursing homes, Transition