Write Source: A practical application of rhetorical theory




Devens, Susan Farley

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Twentieth-century developments in the theories of written discourse offer approaches and techniques which are applicable to business writing. Based on these rhetorical theories, "Write Source" presents a rhetorical approach for use in business writing and provides an example of a business document created using this approach. The research conducted identified reader characteristics and reviewed available materials on business writing. The information from this research provided the criteria for the the design of a reference handbook for business writers, "Write Source." Content included in the handbook includes both theoretical considerations and techniques for application to the writing task. In an effort to integrate rhetorical theory effectively into the business environment, this study recommencts a progressive developmental approach to business writing. This approach should provide a continual rhetorical development process for writers at all skill levels.



Business writing, Reference handbook, Rhetorical development process, Language, literature, and linguistics