Qualifications of Specialists in Lean/Six Sigma Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Cavazos, Emily
Delgado, Rigoberto
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The objective of this paper is to examine the qualifications needed of specialists in Lean/Six Sigma and quality improvement in healthcare. Job postings were collected from Indeed.com and LinkedIn.com between July to October, 2022. The sample included organizations such as hospitals, clinics, consulting, pharmaceuticals, research institutes, and health insurance companies. Inclusion criteria for the search included “healthcare administration”, “lean six sigma” and “quality improvement”. 529 postings were found, and 69 postings were identified. Results showed employers mostly seek applicants with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration (25%) and with Lean Six Sigma Experience (28%). 54% of the sample of postings required 4-7 years of healthcare work experience. The most common soft skills required included analytical (43%), communication (38%), and interpersonal (35%). This was the first study to analyze the needed qualifications for Lean/Six Sigma specialists in the healthcare industry. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Rigoberto Delgado)