Art in the English classroom: An integrated approach




Row, Sheryl L.

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Art in the English Classroom: An Integrated Approach is designed to show English instructors who have no art training how to integrate pieces from the Jesuit Dallas Museum into the study of literature and writing. This thesis is designed as a workbook to be used wholly or in sections. Sections include: (1) selected historical information about art genres and subjects; (2) working definitions of some art terms; (3) biographical notes on certain artists; (4) notes on selected artists' development, techniques, style, and themes; (5) notes about a piece that will enhance its use in the English classroom; (6) suggestions for companion literature selections and ways to connect them to the art; (7) suggestions for writing assignments connecting art and literature. The material is cross-referenced so the art, literature, and writing assignments can be coordinated by literary and rhetorical concepts.



Communication and the arts, Education, Language, literature and linguistics